We've Got the Real Deal on Nitro Coffee

The Coffee House is excited to be one of the first coffee shops to bring the hottest trend in iced coffee to Lincoln– nitro cold brew. Simply put, nitrogen makes our already delicious cold brew even better. 

So, here's the soft science behind it:

Brewing coffee cold rather than hot results in different flavor profiles. By steeping coffee in cold water for 24 hours, we create a smoother, less acidic brew. Infusing this brew with nitrogen gas makes it smoother, creamier and sweeter. Think iced coffee with the same texture as beer. 

The infusion process happens in a keg that’s kept cool in our fridge. The nitrogen tank pushes gas into the keg of iced coffee, infusing with the coffee and carrying it up to the tap. Not only does it feel like beer, but we serve it like beer too. 

Lincoln coffee fans don’t need to wait for the big chains in town to catch on to iced coffee’s new look. We've already got it and we are so damn excited about it. Try it in a Nitro Float (see photo) with our vegan soft serve or have it on it's own. Ask your barista for a sample of our nitro cold brew the next time you visit!

Nitro Float!