Art Jam at The Coffee House

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In August we will be introducing an event on the 3rd Saturday of the month that we've been talking about for almost a year now. Here are the details.

To make a long story short: this Art Jam is a way for creatives to work around and interact with each other in a safe public space. In a lot of ways, it's an opportunity to not sit at home while working on projects. Some people do well to have a space to work (away from where they sleep), and there is a special energy around the creation of things that seems like it can pass between humans.

To make a long story long, several people on staff have been waxing about making things and having events for quite a while. One of the first things that came up was creating space for artists of any kind. [Personally, when I was in high school and college, I would come here to write papers, work on my personal art, or hang out with friends that were doing those things. It made it easier to get through.] After discussing the execution over and over again, a new friend appeared out of the aether that had experience with a public event of this kind from their hometown. After a lot of emails and some trial and error, the group decided to just get on with it already and host the space. If people show up, they show up. They might even get a free pencil out of the deal, just for coming. (They will.)

The Coffee House chose to reserve the back room to host.


  • The first Art Jam will occur on the third Saturday of August, the 18th 2018, starting around 2 p.m. and ending at 8 p.m.  (feel free to stay until close, the time is arbitrary).
  • The event is open to everyone regardless of skill level, medium, age, etc.
  • To join, head to the back room and find a spot to work. Share a table if someone is willing (look for green).
  • Your media can be anything as long as it isn't disturbing anyone around you. (i.e. if you're working on music/sound editing, please do it with headphones on. Not everyone will want to participate in what you're working on).
  • This is a free social event for artists. It isn't meant to be a how-to-do anything in particular. It's just nice to work on things around other people and soak up some of that sweet sweet creative juice from the atmosphere. 
  • Details are up in the air, and we're looking for this to evolve over time.
  • Treats and food may be available for order (maybe...). We may ask you to fill out a survey about things that you like, don't like, would like to be done differently, or would like included.



  • The Coffee House is a safe space. Respect other artists at all times. Everyone is welcome to events of this kind UNLESS one is unable to be kind and respectful of EVERYONE. We are an inclusive group toward LGBT+, PoC, etc. We are NOT friends to Nazis, white supremacists, homo/transphobes, etc. We mean it. 
  • Respect the store’s policies and requests. This goes along with the first one, mostly, but we are still located in a business, so behave like you're in a shop and not in your living room.
  • Green/Yellow/Red Light System: As a way to communicate your interest in interacting with other people, we will be providing you with a visual signal you may place on your table so that people know if you want to be interacted with and generally to what extent. Social events are uncomfortable for a lot of people, and a lot of artists tend to have some introverted tendencies so we felt it would be best to include this option. If someone is GREEN they are interested in people interacting with them at any time. Answer questions, talk, share a plate of cookies, whatever. These people don't mind a chat or being interacted with. Please continue to be respectful of them, and if they would like to be left alone, do so. YELLOW means they are open to interacting, but also want some space. Ask if they want to be talked to or joined, and they can answer you honestly. If they decline, move on. Be respectful and understanding and everything will work out great. If you are unable to take rejection in this form, your best left to not ask. RED means that someone doesn't want to be bothered. This is the equivalent of headphones on reading a book on the subway. If you don't understand that subtext, it means someone does not want to be interacted with. So don't, unless the matter is pressing (there's a fire in the building; a wild animal has entered the vicinity and they are in danger, etc.). 

If you can't abide by these visual indicators or general ideas, this may not be the event for you. If you make things awkward for people you will be asked to leave.

  • Criticism is welcome ONLY when asked for. Judging other's work is not okay unless they ask you your opinion. It's not a competition.
  • This is NOT a resource for free artwork. You don't work for free and neither do artists. You may ask for a card or contact information about commissions only if they are interested in interacting with people.
  • Promotion of personal events is allowed, however, don't be rude about. Putting a flyer up on the shop's event board or talking with people who want to be talked to is cool; standing up and loudly announcing an event to the group is not.

    Any question, comments, etcetera? Contact Danielle at or