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Make your day awesome with a special touch and homemade foods from The Coffee House. Let us cater your office, next event, next birthday party, you name it!!

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Catering by The Coffee House

We offer comprehensive catering with any in-house items we have daily & we can do requests & unique menus hand-written especially for you! (See catering menu below the order form!)

Please be aware that orders take time to prepare. Coffee and drink orders can be prepared almost immediately, but orders requiring preparation and baking will take much more time. Don’t be afraid to ask! We may be pretty magical most of the time, but we aren’t real wizards! If we can accommodate you, we definitely will!

Twenty-four hours or more notice on some orders is a necessity.

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To request an order, please fill out the form below and we will contact you with order verification as soon as we can.

Give us a general idea of what you would like and we’ll give you a call to verify the order in the message box.

If you have questions or your order is urgent, please call the store at 402-477-6611.

Delivery fee starts at $10.

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Catering Menu

By the Carafe

We provide cups, sugar, creamer, and other common goods upon request. Let us know if you need them!

Coffee Pot


Regular, flavored, or decaf coffee. Coffee will be medium roast house coffee if not specified. Please inquire about types of coffee available in-house before placing an order if you are interested in something different. Serves 16.

Mocha Latte


Decadent, zippy mochas for your whole crew! Your choice of chocolate: Voltaire (house-made dark chocolate), White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Spiced Mexican Chocolate. Comes with optional fresh whipped cream. Serves 16.



Oh boy. These 5 gallon big ones are going to steal the show! Serves 80.

  • — Coffee (Regular, Flavor, Decaf)
  • — Hot Tea (Any In-House Select)
  • — Iced Tea (Any In-House Select)

Specialty Cambro


These 5 gallon big ones are show-stopping great picks for big groups! Serves 80.

  • — Hot Cocoa ($150)
  • — Irish Mocha (call for quote)
  • — House Mocha (call for quote)
  • — Hot Apple Cider (call for quote)
  • — Foggy London (call for quote)



Hot or iced tea. Please see our bulk tea list for options listed (below). Popular teas are Oolong Black (Chinese Black Tea), Honeybush (super healthy East African Herbal tea), Sencha Spiderleg (Japanese Green Tea), & Red Rooibos (Honeybush’s sibling, earthy herbal tea). Serves 16.



Seasonal. Iced hand-pressed lemonade made fresh just for you! Serves 16.

Hot Cocoa


Decadent hot cocoa. Your choice of chocolate: Voltaire (house-made dark chocolate), White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Spiced Mexican Chocolate. Serves 16.

Pitcher of Milk


Sounds pretty good with some cookies, doesn’t it? Your choice of whole or skim. Serves 80.

Apple Cider


Seasonal. Hot, fresh apple cider, steamed fresh especially for you! Serves 16.

Pitcher of Juice


Seasonal. Orange or apple juice. Subject to availability, please inquire before ordering.

Breakfast Continental

Perfect for a meeting, office party, or brunch!

Greek Yogurt Parfaits with Homemade Granola

4.50 each

Greek Gods vanilla and honey greek yogurt on to of our homemade honey nut granola! Topped with fresh fruit! Gluten-free

Plain Croissants

12.95 per dozen mini | 22.95 per dozen regular

Flaky, buttery, and beautiful croissants. Comes in mini or regular sizes!

Egg and Cheese Croissants


Eggs and other delicious ingredients wrapped in a toasty, flaky, buttery croissant dusted in rosemary, garlic, and other spices. A CoHo favorite!

  • — Sausage, Gouda, & Egg
  • — Bacon, Gouda, & Egg
  • — Gouda & Egg
  • — Spinach, Feta, & Egg


9.99 per dozen

An assortment of house favorites or your choice of our staples (chocolate chip, gingersnap, monster, peanut butter).


19.99 per dozen

An assortment or your choice of a favorite, pending what ingredients we have available. Fruits are popular (blueberry, mixed berry, strawberry, raspberry, peach, etc).

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

2.25 per person

An assortment of cut fresh fruit. Served on a platter.


19.99 per dozen

An assortment or your choice of a favorite, pending what ingredients we have available. Fruits are popular (blueberry, mixed berry, strawberry, raspberry, peach, etc).

Bowl of Whole Fruit

0.75 per piece

A whole bowl of fresh whole fruit! Options are bananas, apples, and oranges. Occasionally we have other sweet offerings. Served in a bowl or basket.

Assorted Mini-Pastry Tray

19.99 per dozen

An assortment of pastries of our choice.

Breakfast Breads


Banana bread, soda bread, apple cake bread, let your imagination run wild with delicious loafy possibilities! (But not too wild, these puppies are special order only. Made just for you. Twenty-four hour notice necessary).


Perfect for a lunch as light, or heavy as you need.

Sandwiches and Wraps


Your choice of meats, cheeses, toppings, and breads (vegetarian options available!), or we can do the heavy lifting for you! Sandwiches may be served and boxed individually, “lunch sack” style, or served by the platter. Comes with real mayo and mustard on the side. Price will vary, please send inquiries.

  • — Croissant, wraps (spinach/tomato/plain), or Udi’s (Gluten-Free bread)
  • — Ham, Turkey, Salami, Roast Beef, or Chicken
  • — Baby Swiss, Provolone, White Cheddar, or Colby Jack
  • — Veggies! Lettuce, cucumber, and tomato comes standard

Soups du Jour!


Homemade soups! So much variety, from a classic Chicken Noodle, to hearty Mulligatawny, or a spicy Roasted Corn and Poblano Pepper (vegetarian and GF). Soups are tailored especially for your order, so please allow a minimum of twenty-four hour notice. Soups will NOT be served in a heating apparatus, they come in 12 oz To-Go style cups for each individual in your party.

Bagged Chips

1.95 per bag

Variety of Chips!


Make your next birthday special!

Homemade Cakes


Special order a cake for someone’s special day! Please allow 48-hour notice.



Whole cake of our house Tiramisu! Delicious, creamy, cocoa-espresso-cookie sweetness. Serves 16.

Homemade Pies


Special order a pie for someone’s special day! Please allow a 48-hour notice.

Whole Quart of Cream


Half and half, by the quart.

Whole Case of Creamer


Non-dairy creamer. Case of 2000 packets.

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