Lincoln, Nebraska's

coffee house since 1987


For almost 30 years, our prime focus has been our customers. We have made it our mission to give our customers the excellent coffee and experience they deserve. Our customers work hard and warrant nothing less than the perfect cup of coffee to get them through the daily hustle.

All of our coffees are sourced from Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, a roaster we personally know and love. We source from Kickapoo because of their farmer focused approach and commitment to sustainability. Not only do their mission and ethics align with ours but the coffee itself is something special. Kickapoo offers a variety of flavor profiles that can fit any mood and accommodate every kind of customer. From dark and nutty to light, bright, and fruity, Kickapoo has it all.  

Each morning you can find one of our wonderful bakers thoughtfully crafting most of our food items. Having our own in-house bakery helps to ensure our customers are getting the freshest and tastiest treats. From our made fresh daily selection of ten types of pastries, five kinds of cookies, and four varieties of egg and cheese breakfast croissants, there’s something for everyone.